Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm feelin like ke$ha

Hello again..
I just got back from Purwokerto this afternoon. Omg,, yesterday was a great day. I meet my friends there. And yeah, I miss them so much of course. But, unlycky me. I forgot to take picture with them.. Ahhh,, so bad.. :(

I pretty tired today. But totally excited to make a new post here. I just miss my "me time" such as blogging, twitter-ing, facebook-ing, wactching korean drama,, for my own self.. yeah.. T.T

oh yeah, I just got my yearbook today. It's a bit weird. The cover is just like "motherboard" you know? And the pop-up is not that satisfying. I'm a bit disappointed but I appreciate their work too. Good job, guys!

Anyway,, I just watching Lie to me now. It's final episode. And one more drama titled "city hunter". Kinda sleepy but I'm just too exited to watch it too. yeah..

Currently appearance of me while blog-ing..

And this is my latest doodle. I just made it several days ago.

 ohkay,, enough. Bye guys!! anyeong!! ^^


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