Thursday, July 28, 2011

What happen to my facebook??

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,, 
I can't open my facebook account now. I think my facebook was hacked by someone, so I reset the password. Then I go to my inbox but there's no notification e-mail from you. Than I read your "red message" carefully. Then I realize that something goes wrong with your website.
I don't know what's going on. But I hope you can fix it as fast as possible. I'm not open my account for maybe two or three days,so I'm kinda miss chit chat time with my friends. 
Okay, thank's anyway.. 
  Sweet greetings

"kiki kekok" 


  1. Kalo menurut saya s kesalahan ada di email kamu.
    Fb pertama saya jg gitu, dihack orang. Pas saya mau ngereset passwordnya, saya gak nemu email baru di inbox yahoo saya. Dan ternyata yahoo saya kadaluarsa gara2 jrg dibuka

  2. @inggit : enggak kok. Emailku masih aktif. Itu murni error dari facebooknya ternyata. sekarang juga udah bisa login kayak biasa kok.. hehee.. :)

  3. my face book has gone wired


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