Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now that we have to thankful to god for our life

yeah! maybe everything is start to be better. like i start to love animal. i knew, it's like the first time i waste my tears just for a dog. after that i watched "hachiko" yesterday. It's pretty awesome movie about animal i've ever watch. yeah, i never though before there's a kitani dog have such an incredible devotion to his employer. really like the moment when he waiting his employer on the outside of the grand station. however, his employer have dead. now there's a state at the station to remember his devotion.
ah,okay. let's change the topic. so, that i start to love animal, i start to love my self too. my life is better super duper than the last. yeah.. my character revolution is maybe succeed. really like the moment like this when everything is feels so fine..
maybe just one thing that i don't feel it lately. f.u.n! i'm so frikin lack of fun. if fun is a medicine, maybe i wanna buy it super duper lot. yah,this is the risk of my new revolution so ohkay. . i deserve it.
now i just need to try harder for my life next project. and everything will be right at the time. just believe it right..
okay, bye!


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