Sunday, November 07, 2010

Let the rain come and we gonna dance with the rainbow!!

Hello guys!!! You may gonna be wondering why nowadays I’m so often coming here and making any post. Actually, if I can make post everyday, I’m gonna make it. But, I just limited of facilities. I’m so sorry guys..

And ahhh,, udah disini berarti musti cerita kan ya???

You ready for it? Sooo,, even there’s rain in the morning, we still come to our school cuz we’re gonna turn the music on. So let the rain come and we gonna dance with the rainbow!! Hellyeah!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jadi gini lho.. There was a music event in my school named SOS (Stematel On Stage) on 6 November ago. First time I got there, the crowd is not as much as I though before. But,it’s ohkay.. after my friend band named “evolve band” show their performance, the atmosphere growing crowded. They’re (evolve band) playing two “ska” song. I don’t really know about their song. I don’t really like ska genre.. Ohya, I’m gonna introduce they’re to you guys. They’re consist of Hendry (on voc), Bondan (as bassist, back voc), Rian (as guitarist, back voc), Iqbal (as guitarist) and gandi (as drummer). They’re the only TJA band from senior grade. Soo,, I supposed to support them!!! Yeah!!!

Talk about the other band. They’re junior grade band named “Bleeding lollypop”. I really like their performance when they playing an Alesana song titled “apology”. They’re sucha great band. They become “The Most Favorite Band”. Congrats!!!

The POP band named “server5” is nice too. They’re playing arrangement of dangdut song titled “Mirasantika”. Honestly,, it’s very nice arrangement. I like it soo much!!!!

There’s only one girl band named “The Jose”. They say that “jose” means “girl” in japanesse language. They’re playing 2 song. One song of Bondan fade 2 black titled “not with me” and vierra song titled “seandainya”. I think the’re nice enough. Yess good!! Haha..

You know guys that I like “Killing me Inside” so much. And in this SOS there’s two band singing their song. That is “Aparat Band” singing “The tormented”. Whoooaa,, I like this song soooo much!!! I think they’re playing a guhreat song. They’re deserve to be the winner. Hellyeah!!! I’m happy for it!!! Cuz I like their performance so much. They singing “Rocket Rockers” song too titled “Bangkit”. I love this song too.. Huaa,, they’re pick a great song. Good job guys!!! You’re ROCK!!!

The another band that singing Killing Me Inside song is “Stop Press”. They’re the guest star. They playing a Killing me Inside song that I don’t really know the tittle. Haha.. but,,, it’s okay lah.. they’re great too kok..

And there’s a band named “Masih Rahasia Band”. Haha.. the name is totally funny!! But I like their performance so much!! They singing Bondan fade 2 black song and one song titled “Manuk dadali”. They’s make that song become so wonderfull!! Totally wonderfull!!! I like their arrangement. They got a runner up. Congratulation guys!!!

Huahhh,, I think I should check out from my blog. I got alot of fun yesterday!!! 
Keep rockin ya guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Rizki D Kelimutu-


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