Monday, June 25, 2012

Fashion Against Bullying

I'll face my semester exam next upcoming week! Gah! Time flies so fast. I've been busy with nothing but college thingie. 

Bad blogger? I know, I sucha bad blogger nowadays. Lack of topic, lack of post, and rarely browse your blog to blogwalking. So sorry guys.. It just me, who feel over dosis for internet. But I promise to be better after my exam! Yet now I come with a new header and button. How it look like? Fresh, rite?

So, have you guys ever heard about this Fashion Against Bullying campaign project or many blogger simply called it FAB? I think I'm being called of this project. 

This is actually a very brilliant campaign by WhatIWear, which take a topic about fashion bullying. I can't say that I experienced this kind of bullying. First, because I'm a person who didn't care too much what people gonna say about my fashion style. The second because I -myself- feel that I always respecting other style of fashion, so that's what I -feel- also should take from others. 

I'm an art worker. I'm immensely realize that fashion is one of art. It's the way people showing their self and their creativity. But sadly, my family is blind on fashion. I know most of girls must be love to shop, expecially with your mom rite? Nah, it's fun for you, but for me it's hell. My mom was a stick-in-the-mud person when it comes to fashion. I never willing to shop with mom when she ask me to. Or when she told me that she would bought me some cloth, I always refuse it. Because we have a totally different fashion style. Even sometime she forbid me to dress as I want to, just because she assume that it looks freak. Yeah mom, you should know me more..

People who live in city must be grateful because most of the townsfolks had been more open-minded about fashion, while the neighbor in my village was still conservative about it. When I dress a little bit weird, they certainly mock behind me. 

"Wearing clothes seems like an easy thing to do each day? Well not for today's youth. Some youths even believe wearing the 'wrong' clothes can lead to social suicide. Nowadays, freely expressing your style seems to be getting repressed by bullies who view fashion as a way to leverage their status, discarding the actual value of fashion : freedom of expression."

I personally want to join this campaign as well. But I can't manage it now, so I think it best to do it after I done my exam. You may also contribute for this campaign, by clicking this link -> here. It direct you to the sign up form of FAB website. There you can contribute your look, wearing FAB (could be your DIY) tee and share your fashion bullying experience. 

Arnold Teja - Luthfi Darwis - Wisnu Genu - Ario Achda

Marcella Caroline - Melody - Anastasia Siantar - Clara Devi

Ready for your own FAB look, guys? 

♥ Idk why I suddenly passionate to earn money for my own self. I mean, I was 18 and still depend on my parents? Gawd! I couldn't troublesome them a bit more. I want to be independent but I clueless about this. -__- I think about to be an enterpreneur, but what will I sell? Gah! I getting freak.

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  1. I'm joining this event too, yayy!
    my word will probably be freak

    1. oh really? I'll check out your look then. haha, freaky cool is okay, the most important is being original, rite?

  2. thx for the comment dear :)
    i'm planning to join that campaign..hahaha

  3. thanks for your sweet comment :))
    aaah love your new header and button!<3


  4. Heyya thanks for ur comment :D mind to follow each other ? ;)

  5. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

  6. haha dont worry kelimutu, you're not alone. I-we-feel the same way about mocking & stuff. that's why there's this FAB ;)
    those guys are amazing! enough saiddd.
    & about making money, I'm really concerned about it too pal, wish me luck as in the near future I'm going to give extra-lesson to get paid haha

    1. haha *toss* then!
      good luck for the extra-lesson btw. while I still wonder what I want to do to make money. haha

  7. Hehe!! > <
    I won't~ Now I have no desire to dye my hair :3 hehe XD~ Well I also have breakouts at some time you know :3 the recipe to have great face skin is just eat vegs and fruits, drink lots of water, do sports and sleep well... I seldom eat fruits and I always sleep late (the earliest is 1 am for me lately > <) so I'm so gonna have breakouts at anytime! ~ T.T

    I got twitter! I followed you :) if you see your latest follower that's me :D hehehe

    1. we have a same problem so. I eats fruits and vegs, but when it comes to do sport and sleep well, I'm zero!

      I've check it. already following yours dear! ;)

  8. they are inspiring so you too :) thanks for sweet comment dear.

  9. thinking to join this too!
    btw,I didnt attend the event just a moment then ive to go:(

  10. i feel you! i really support this campaign and the cause, but i don't have time :(


  11. Hi honey girl....
    It’s nice to be a friend with you.
    But may give you somethings special.
    You should to try it. It’s free, friends.

  12. goodluck for your exam dear! :D I support FAB too! im planning to join <3 I replied your email already, really sorry for my late reply :(

  13. same as Wynee, i really support this campaign but i don't have time :( :(

  14. i've done joined !! :D hehe
    btw, tas yg aku beli itu belinya di matahari samarinda, coba deh kamu cari pasti ada kok :D

  15. Replies
    1. gerakan buat dukung anti fashion bullying gitu mbak. coba cek situsnya deh. inspiring banget deh, suwer!

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    There're 2 gift for two winners. The first gift is from Gowigasa ;)

  17. This is so inspiring! I support fab and planning to do a post about it! x

  18. I do support FAB too ^^ Nice post dear! Header kamu baru ya? Lucu hehehe :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  19. oh Gosh, this is great! I am really againts bullying!
    visit my blog if you have spare times :)

    sweet and sugars,

  20. oh Gosh, really great! I really want to join this :(
    anw, visit me if you have spare time and good luck for your exam!

    sweet and sugars,

  21. hey header baru ya? love it kii <3

    Yess lgi seneng upload foto kegiatan selama liburan nih, hehehe XD kamu sendiri apa kabar selama liburan? ;)

    I do support FAB, but somehow I think I dont like to be spotted there too.. I'm not as stylish as other participants... hmm..

    Join my giveaway dong ki, requirementsnya ga seribet yg pertama kok :D
    My Random Thoughts // Silk Dresses Giveaway inside!

    1. iya nih. thank you..

      liburan? belum liburan akunya. baru mau UAS malah.

      no no, it doesn't matter how stylish you are. Me too, I'm not stylish at all, but I do really want to join this campaign..

      giveaway? yay! ^^

  22. Ci anas looks so stunning there <3
    Join my giveaway ci :

    Keep in touch and stay pretty,

  23. nice post, thanks for sharing this.
    wanna follow each other?:)

  24. That's a good initiative!

  25. I'm against bullying too dear, and bullyings are everywhere I think. Oh, nice blog dear, i'm following you. Wanna followback ?? :)

  26. Same,

    I think I should join this when they email me some weeks ago.

    But I don't know.
    I just sooo busy though in holiday.
    too many secret projects. hehe

    I think I've been feeling in love to the video in their website (there're Kak diana, sonia, kak anaz, and bang aryo there)
    I replay it again and again


  27. wow interesting! i want to join the campaign as well

    pls check out my blog when you have time :)

    xoxo ♥♥

    grace |
    my blog "Storybook" | Pin For You

  28. That's a great idea! I really love the picture of Marcella Carolin and Clara Devi

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  29. I really wanna join but I don't have a chance to do it :(

  30. What a beautiful Blog!!!!! Man it's cool!!!


  31. wow great post!
    FAB is really a great idea,
    i just following you, mind to follow back?
    take care!

  32. i will join FAB too! let's against the bullying with fashion! :)

    Hei Echa!

  33. selalu semangat :), they are great bloggers, and you can be one of them too :)

    Herdiana Surachman

  34. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have an amazing blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    PS: I don't post shits... :p

    See you soon on my blog!

  35. i'll joining this campaign too. but i have to find properly time to post my look :P

  36. thinking of planning the campaign too. thanks for sharing!
    following you now. follow me back? :)


  37. This is a great campaign!!!

  38. Now following your cute blog!! ^.^

    xo - David


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