Thursday, September 27, 2012


Jumping jumping!!

I remember the time when my friend gave me a link of one blog competition. I never join such blog competition -except giveaway (is that count? :3)- before, so I think it's nice to try this one. I click the link and directly join because the step is quite easy.

But I never thought that yesterday, I received a mention in my twitter that I selected as a winner of ISBA 2012 SEPTEMBER YOUTH AWARD . It was like a honor for me. I mean, I consider my self as an amateur blogger because I just blog for the reason that I like to (said before in here).

click HERE to see the original site

If you follow me on twitter you may know this before. I couldn't thanks more to Vania, Helen, Inggrid, and everyone who congratulate me on twitter last night.. Thank you guys.. ((:

Talking about blogging, I actually feel quite guilty about the last blogger project that I mentioned here and here. Something about Blogger Charity Project, don't you remember? To be honest, I even put that project in my bucket list but I have to admit that realize our dream is not that easy. I receive so much support from many blogger out there. I even corporate with one blogger community to hold a garage sale charity event. But I still feel vague.. What I mean with this project is to make a real impact (from us, the blogger) even when we doing our work virtually, but we could also give positive impact in reality. Not just partially, but we could gather as one label (Blogger). 

In my vision, we make an event in the name of BLOGGER. And in that event we could put together Blogging Seminar, Bazaar and Charity. We are all gather as one in that event (culinary blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, craft blogger, traveller blogger, and other kind of blog). We show them our work all this time, and introduce them how our world (blogging) is so interesting. In the midst of era where social media has become a part of everybody, everybody has twitter and facebook, so we (blogger) also have to take a part to introduce them that our world (blog) is also interesting and have more advantages for them. 

Yeah, I know. I should put more effort to realize this dream. If you have concern to share your thought with me about this idea, you can email me at I'll be glad to hear any opinion from you. 

College is getting hectic day by day. I don't have much time to blogwalking and comment back on your blog so forgive for my absence! (:


  1. Congratulations Keli! haha you and your nice blog deserve it (: anyhow, how's the charity project goin? Been awhile since I heard the latest news.

  2. hey sayang, where have you been ! i do miss u leh <3
    anyway, selamat yaaa *kiss kiss*
    eniwei, i do take picture with my bf, i posted it on my previous post <3

  3. congrats for the award! ^^ sure,im following back. i always love your d.i.y project <3 keep it up!

  4. haha ada koo ada, wanna exchanged link art's babe?

  5. haha :p congrats btw! you totally deserve it :)
    i want to follow ur twitter but idk the username.
    would u mind to follow me @ninoosays i promise i'll followback ;)

  6. wow, awesome!
    and did u get some money from this honor? :p

  7. congratulations!! how exciting! just because you consider yourself amateur doesn't mean that other people think you are too! <3


  8. This is great, congrats. Great Blog! What do you think about following each other?

    Much Love,

  9. aww congrats!! :)


  10. congratulations for winning that contest! :)

  11. congratulations! and thank you for the visit :)

  12. Congratulations dear! You deserve it ^^ I'm so proud of you :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  13. Congratulations you have won !

    Hey, you come to my blog to get acquainted.

    Do not forget to follow my blog. Because I've been following your blog


    oO[ My Favorite Post ]Oo

  14. uwaaa uwaaaa!
    i don't think you're an amateur at all x(

    Ruby and Rosa


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