Friday, September 14, 2012

D.I.Y Self-made Notebook

Hi gorgeous!

After a long, tiring and depressing week, I've finally found my 'peace' now. Wrestled with college-life lately make me forget about some burden in my heart. Yeah, mom is also being nicer when I'm not in home. It's like she have more attention for me when I'm not around. Hopefully we can get along more....intense?

Truthfully, first week of college is a meaningless week. I mean, lecturer just come for five or ten minutes for introduction and fill the attendance. I should just skip this week without any worried about miss some lecture. Hahah. And actually, I'm not a really good student in class (I once said this in here). I'd rather fill my notebook with various doodle than write what the lecturer taught me. So, in order to enhance my learning-interest I have an idea to make my very own self-made book. Haha. Remember my notebook design I share on my last post? Now I come with the tutorial of it. DIY post is always be my favorite post, because it's a-so-fun-to-do post. Don't you think so, buddies?

Material : 
- Print out of the content (we could just use 50 pages)
- Glue (best use the castol one. The other just for stockpile)
- Cutter and scissor (primary thing!)
- Ruler
- Print out of the cover (sorry it's not included on the photo)

1. Firstly, of course you need design of your notebook. You can just use Photoshop or Corel draw. Creativity is the main thing you need. You can check my sample design above. You can contact me personally if you need some help on this. You have to make cover and the content. But you could just use the same pattern on both (cover and content) to make it look match. After both of it settled, print them out! 

2. Already have the print out? So let's continue with the cutting-work. Don't forget to always be safe! 

3. Nah! Now you should have the 50 pages of your content in hand, then make it up! Try to do your best to flatten the left side of the content. Confused? Look at the picture above. (:

4. Next? You need your cutter and scissor, again. Let's continue to intersect a slight part of the left side of the content you've already stacked. 

5. Have you done? It's time for the glue to take a part of this mission. Paste the left side of the content with your glue. Flatten it, then dry it!

6. Let's neglect the content while wait for them to dry. Now we have to deal with the cover. You have to measure it exactly as the content size. Remember, you have to make sure it really fits perfectly. Then check the content whether it already dry or not. If yes, then glue them and placard them with the cover. Then wait them till dry perfectly. 

7. Now it's already finish! See? The step is actually so simple although you need to have more strength to make the content. But I'm satisfied enough of the result. Now every time I look at my notebook, I always feel like want to write. Lol.. :3


  1. wow, super creative! :D
    only if i have the motivation to do all that..>.< i will try someday..heheh..


  2. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  3. ihiyyy creative bangetttttt. kalo pesen buku di keli kena brp? mau pake design sendiri gt bisa?

    1. uhhm, haven't think about this sih sebenernya. Buy you can contact me personally mungkin. DM or email maybe?

  4. i made mine too XD
    tapi punyaku kecil, sekedar buat note doang.
    punyamu lucu deh :3


    1. aww, thank you! ini juga kecil kok sebenernya.. :p

  5. awww you made this yourself? way to get your notebook personalized! love it <3


    1. yes, I made it myself. glad that you love it too. (:

  6. kikiiii!!! kreatif banget notebooknya :D

    I wish to have more time, I want to make this cute notebook too! <3 <3

  7. great diy honey, i really love your creation!

    have a nice day!


  8. Great idea, it turned out super cute. :)

  9. I made my onw notebook 2 years ago (i use it until now).
    But I let the photocopy-man (uh?) did the common cover for it. so yeah. my notes is look like too common. and I use it for writing common thing thing.

    what the...


    Designing sounds fun!
    I should try this at home asap :)

    1. yeah, bindingnya emang agak susah sebenernya. Aul pinter banget minta bantuan tukang fotokopi. But you should try this yourself ya! believe me, it's simple and fun.

  10. always get new Idea, there!<3
    Iya kak, aku baru aja masuk kuliah, feeling like jetlag :s

  11. hahaha dibikin pake karton, digambar polanya dulu, lalu digunting deh!
    yeah, u shud watch cabin in the woods. it was a weird movie i guess :D
    btw, i love this post. you're very creative! keep it up ;)

  12. you always make a diy :D you are a creative girl, i love this post :)

  13. Wow really cool~~ You´re really cretive and this is a great idea...
    I´m following sweetie becoz yourblog is really cute...


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  14. love it! keep creative <3

  15. cool! very creative.. back in high school, every time we have unused notes from our notebooks, we just pile and stitch them together.. a nice idea! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  16. its so creative,,nice art..
    can u make once more for my girl friend,hehe..:p
    i wanna give her some gift at her birthday..:)

    oia klo sempet Click ini
    yaa,minta masukannya biar jd blog yg baik..makasih..:)

  17. cute notebook.hihih you should post in gogirls web:) very creative

  18. Wow, I like that DIY!!


  19. nice post!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!


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