Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rearrange My Life

Been looking for an online store that sell those kind of vintage bag or whatsoever since I'm being addicted of online store recently. And I think about to replenish my daily outfit  and stuffs with some new cool stuff and I decide to hunt it from some online store that I found on blog. So, do you have any suggest? what's your favorite online store?

I'm being so hectic because of tons assignment from my lecturer. And to-be-honest here, I'm not a good student at class because I don't like being tutored (except the lecturer can excite me first). Hahah, I love learning for my self. I feel that it will be more comprehensible and more long-lasting on my brain (remember I'm suck at memorize?) if I learn it myself. I'd rather draw some doodle or scribbled on my notebook with Hangul alphabet (since I just learn it) when the lecturer tutored me in class. Hahah, thus I just have two notebook since the first semester (it was second now). One notebook for calculus (Psst, I'm a math lover since in elementary school) and the other is my random notebook because I fill it with my doodles, and random subject only when I'm excited to write. :p

And btw, do you noticed that I change the name of my craft stuff that I called it as scrapbook in past? I change it into PhotoBook now, since the real scrapbook is way different from what I make. Well, I mean to make a real scrapbook for the first time, but then I searching for the kit and stuff but it kinda rare in my city (or I didn't know yet, maybe?). So, yeah.. I have another thing to do, that is to rearrange my craft business. Well, okay.. :)

I can't get enough of reading beauty blog now. I love when they're reviewing some cool beauty product even I try to order it from them too. Hahah, I being so profligate now. Pardon me dad.. You must be so troubled by having a daughter like me. :p And another thing that make me addicted nowadays is ACE Home Center. I love to delve some new stuff and I found so many unique things there. My favorite stuff is interior design item such as set of bedroom, the cupboard, living room set, and other things that beyond cool! 



♥ Does anyone know when the ipad 3 launch in Indonesia? I've been planning to buy the ipad 2 but then I realize that they will launch the new ipad. And I also want the galaxy tab, do you have any suggest what should I pick? Ipad2 / the new ipad / galaxy tab?

♥ Ssst, I won a giveaway from MadCrafter. This is the third time I win a giveaway. I win a super cute sue sunbonnet wall decor from her. Aaah, she's a nice person btw. She said that my name is similar to her daughter. Hahah, I'm being so freak about giveaway now. Look at my sidebar. It's full of giveaway banner. I'm a simplicity lover honestly, so should I make a special corner for my this-new-hobby?

Psst! I going to held my first giveaway next month! It's not an ordinary giveaway, haha because the winner will get one Special 'Blog PhotoBook' from me. The winner can pick the photo their self or request any design they want. Do you feel some exciting atmosphere here? Haha, stay tune, gals! ^^

Pict credit : 1/2:mine/3


  1. Hello Kelimutu,
    You've created nice book!
    Great job! Maybe sometimes we can work together, I take pictures and you will make the photobook. Heehee

    Nitya Krisnantari Photography

    1. aaah, great. I'm excited seriously. :)
      You had a great job too kak. I love your photowork.

  2. aaah i just have ipad 2 haha
    mau yang ipad 3, tapi......

    1. aaah, ipad2 juga bagus kak. tapi kameranya bagusan ipad 3. makanya galau ini.. T.T

  3. ipad3 of course!get the latest one!thehehe

    1. yeah, ipad3 seems so great. But I'm still consider some other tablet.

  4. Great outfit selection!!! and ur ring is so cute!!! Love it!


  5. My favourite online shop is Nasty Gal!
    I ordered the first time a few weeks ago.
    Great stuff and quality.
    You should take a look!

    1. thanks for recommend. I check it now! :)

  6. Definitely galaxy tab! Esp bcos it comes in handy size. :)

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  7. hiii...
    lucuu bangeet scrapbooknyaa?
    handmade niih ceritanyaa?
    kreatif..asli..SUKA bangeet.:)

    visit my blog agaain yaa?

  8. Hi, my blogger mate <3

    Aku sih kemaren uda beli ipad2, tapi malah aku males mainnin.. soalna gede and gak efisien sih.. tapi klo utk nonton uda enak bgt.. hehe.. dan klo mau beli app nya harus bayar. kecuali kmu jailbreak.

    Kalo enaknya android, yah km ga perlu lagi bayar2 di appstore. hehe..
    Ayo dipikir2 lagi sebelum beli.. Gadget tuh ga bs kita slalu ikutin.. sesuain sama kebutuhan kita juga yaa.. <3


    1. hi! :*
      iya, sampe sekarang juga masih bingung. Tapi kayaknya galaxy tab lebih worth kali yah. Aku udah pernah pake android dan emang puas banget.
      but thanks for suggest-nya yah.. :)

  9. Nice post and nice outfit!
    I do really love online shopping too. LOL

  10. galaxy tab ^^
    i think i bit different from anyone else. when everyone talking about ipad, im stuck loving android more and more. i gave galaxy tab for mom's birthday she loves it. i think it's awesome to be different.

    favorite online store ya? ada sih tapi gak ngejual baju-baju vintage gitu

    1. yes. I experienced using android and quite satisfied with it. I'm just a bit curious with apple-stuff. I need more reference while collecting my budget.

  11. wow thats a nice work! :D

    it would be a honor if you follow me back :3


  12. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'm your newest follower dear

    Love your arts and crafts, really lovely. I'm addicted to online shops too. My favourites are asos.com and modcloth .com since I love vintage



  13. Thank you for your comment!!! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. Cute outfit! Love the shoes!
    Love your blog! Let's follow each other. :)
    Have a fabulous day!

    xo Vivian
    Flightgirl Fashion

  15. I love your blog!:)
    I`m a follower from now on!:)

  16. nice post :)
    i followed your blog.. could you follow me back :)


  17. Hi, i just came across your blog and it's really great, so inspiring! :)


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    kisses :)

  19. So pretty! Love the cut off's!

    PS. We’ve a Gift Card Giveaway to LYLIF on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  20. wowow! great proposal!


  21. Adorable blog! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  22. love the collar <3



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