Monday, March 05, 2012


Quote of the day : 
Don't ever regret your own decision. Once you do it, that blaming feeling is always following your mind. 

Hi bloggaz! It's a really nice thing I can open my blog and post something here because I kinda busy with my new business and my new lecture. Glad to know that you stay tune in my blog and always support me with your nice comment. I really appreciate it. :)

About my quote above, that is something what I feel now. You know, when you make a decision between two hard things and you've got to choose one of it, but your heart is on the other side. But I have to responsible for decision that I've made ( and sure it's a really hard thing ) and you have no other option but keep walking. Because time is cannot rewind. If I can rewind it, I would back to that time, when I have to choose my future, and follow my heart what I want to be. Now I should working on two things, my obligation, and my passion. It's sure something hard to do, but it's okay. I'll try to do my best on both. 

But yeah, let's skip those hard topic. I just finished my first order. This is a couple scrapbook for my old friend from highschool and she will give it for her boyfriend on his bithday. I hope they like it. Here is the snap pict of it.. :)

Finished pages

The scarpbook on this photo is not finish, but now it finished. :)

and it's ready to send now.. :)


Anyone have a recommended skin care center? My current skin care is seems like don't really suits me. It make my skin whiter but my face is easily breakouts now. :c

And does anyone know how to grow my hair faster? I'm okay with my current haircut, but kinda miss my long hair nowadays.. :c


  1. grow hair faster from what I've known:
    1. don't wash it too often, just try to keep it clean. cos unwashed hair = oil and oil = faster growth.
    2. eat nutrition, diet doesn't work alongside hair growing
    3. fasten your metabolism, go exercise.
    4. go get a right shampoo (kinda natur) and a right hair tonic
    5. give massage all around your hairy head regularly (not very sure about this last one)

    1. nice! thanks for the tips. I'll try it surely.. :)

  2. Cheer up kelimutu..
    Yes, its ok to not be ok. <3 <3

    anyway, i'm so rarely going to skin scare centre. hehehe.. so i have no idea, but my sister usually going to Erha21. She said her skin is always treated very well after she went to erha21. :)Hope its helping <3


    1. I heard about erha, maybe next time I try it. Thanks for your sugggest.. :)

  3. Yoyoi!
    Just do your best. I'm sure you'll get the best result too.
    Keep spirit!

    Semangat kakaa!

    Good luck for the first order!

    1. yeah,, I try my best on both. thanks for supporting me Aul..
      you're so nice.. Thank youu.. :)

  4. Nice picture :)

  5. I love it!!!!Beautiful!! Cool post!!!
    Hi!! I love your site. I just to know your blog today and I like it!! I´ll follow your clue :D
    I hope we can colaborate some day, I have a blog about my illustrations and some original crafts.
    Kisses from Madrid ♥ ♥

    1. hi,, thanks dear..
      whoah, I'll really honored if you invite me to colaborate someday..
      I've seen your blog, and your illustrations are amazing. :)

      maybe we can follow each other and keep in touch from now on? :)

  6. Keep in spirit kelimutu :) maybe you should try erha their the best skin i think...

    Hei Echa!

    1. thanks for the advice.. yeah,, I should try it next time.. :)

  7. yes, you are right dear :)

    it's okay not to be okay, especially with the feeling we call it "love" hahaha :p

    sometimes i cry for no reason because of it, feel so terrible when i cry, but then i feel much better!

    crying seems like healing something :D

    1. hihi,, don't try to hold your tears dear.. just let it out. You're right, it's like a healer pill..

      but I try not not cry for this time, because it's really can't help something for my prob now. I just need to keep give my best effort for every single thing I work on. :)

  8. cheer up! lovely photos and scarpbook,right?
    really nice anyway :D

  9. cutee!!!! try to go to erha clinic for your skincare and for your hear try to wash your hair everyday, it makes your hair grow faster but be careful not to damage your hair. I heard that herbal essences is great for hair growth :)

    1. thank you for your advice.. I'll try it next time.. :)

  10. yeaaa, i also want to rewind.... wanna change something wrong i used to make

  11. hi dear, love your scrapbook!
    more cute if all of that, you made on hard paper :)
    hehe, but still i love that dear, good luck for your bussiness ;)

    nice to meet you,
    ♡ CheaperDuper

    1. I hope I can make it on hard paper. I still look for the material.. hihi,, thank you so much!
      nice to meet you too. :)


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