Sunday, March 11, 2012

I miss you DAMN much!

I fall sick since several days ago. This maybe because I miss my dad so badly. And this always happened to me every time when my dad would come home from his voyage. Come home early dad, I miss you DAMN much! :*

Have a tons thing in my "wish list". I wish to have enough money to buy it all but it even impossible. My parent not gonna let me buy everything I want, of course.

 Basic spring shirt from clotch_inc
♥ New jeans
♥ New shoes
♥ Vintage bag
♥ New laptop (need it urgent)
♥ Ipad or galaxy tab
♥ New printer (need it urgent)
♥ Neck pillow (need it badly)

I need a new laptop because my old one was broke. The touch pad can not working, so do the CD room. And also for the printer, I need it for my scrap booking business. About the neck pillow, I've been searching for this thing since a long time ago, but it still rare in my city. Anyone know the online shop that sell those kinda neck pillow? 

It's been a week since my second semester started. I have so much task from my lecturer, and some of them want us to post our task on our blog. I do think about make another blog for my college task but then I remember that I have that kinda IT section on this blog so why don't just post it here? So maybe I'll post more IT things from now on. Just bear with me, okay?


♥ I have a plan to make my very own giveaway on my blog. I plan to give a blog scrapbook for my giveaway. But I still looking for my free time because I have so many lecture task and scrapbook order to do. Just look forward it, okay? ;)

♥ I'll make my second tutorial on the next post. That will be an "Endless Calendar". I share this calendar on my shop as a prize for 5 first customer, now you can make it yourself. Just be sure to stay tune on my blog, okay?

Snap pict of my next tutorial post. 


  1. Can't wait for your next tutorial kok.. :)
    hahaa.. :D

  2. i do miss my daddy too
    its been a long time
    bytheway, cant wait for your next tutorial <3


    1. wah,, *toss!
      where's your daddy dear? okay, just look forward it, ok? ;)

  3. hopefully your dad come back home soon safely :)

    I bought my neck pillow at ACE hardware!
    It has been my saviour on long plane rides :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. aw, thanks dear. I finally found it also at ACE hardware in my city. :)

  4. don't cry n worry.... be patient miz...

    1. haha,, yeah. My dad arrived at home last night finally. :)

  5. hi creative girl ,im here :) thank you for visited .
    love this blog


    Belinda Myurbey

    1. aaah thankyou so much for stop by here and for follow back. I heart your pillow, kapan2 kalo q butuh, aku pesen kamu yya.. ^^

  6. iih..imut banget!..
    love this blog so much..:)

    I wanna see your scrapbook handmade..:)
    can't waiting for see it..!

    1. aah, thank you.. :)
      wait for my first giveaway ya.. it'll soon!


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