Sunday, June 15, 2014

Take your time

When you feel like the time flies so fast, just enjoy your work.
When you feel like the clock ticking so slow,  just take your time.
You may feeling guilty doing nothing, but don't.
Life is not just about running.
It's about knowing the timing.
When you have to run, and when you have to take a break.

It's okay to sit around and take a look to your surrounding.
The sky is yours to enjoy..

The sand is yours to feel.

 You may want to pause the time so you can feel the moment.
So you can listen to the breeze of the beach much longer.
Even you may going to whine "Can I just do this for a living?"

But dear self, don't be lured by the joy.
You have to know when the time you must going back home.
And back to enjoy your ride.
A long (yet so fast) journey called life.