Tuesday, December 06, 2011

11 Question

I have a homework. Not an usual homework but a fun homework (because the real homework is really annoying). This is the first time I got tagged by other blogger for doing such thing like this. Aw, excited. Thanks for Tery V. Ansela for tagged me.. :)

Okay, let's just do the homework. 

I have to share 11 things about myself (well, I ever share even 50 fact about my self. :p)
1. First thing about me, I'm a totally moody girl.
2. I really like to cry when I get angry, not when I feel sad. Weird enough? yeah,, -,-
3. I'm a daddy girl. Yeah,, dad is my partner in crime when I got something to hide from mom. Hahaa..
4. I like korean pop. My bias is 2PM and BEAST. Well,, I have many other, I think one post can't be enough to tell you about that. :p
5. Really like to sing but just in my private area. I'm a shy girl.
6. I really like to decorate a private room. 
7. I collect many paper and create something unique with it. 
8. I hate eat alone. whatever it is, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 
9. I have chubby cheek. 
10. My favorite color is white, green, and other pastel color. 
11. I like doing things with my own way. :)

Okay, done. Now, I have to answer Tery's questions
1. cheerleader or dancer. which one? why? :p
    definitely dancer. I don't really like using short skirt and cheering in front of many people. It gonna embrace me a lot. :p
2. do you have a pet? what it is?
    No. The only pet I ever have is just my daddy's Lohan fish. Hahaa,, but I wish I have one, maybe a cute cat would be fun.
3. do you like art? what kind?
    Ofcourse! Almost all kind. I like to doodling (although just a mess doodle), I love music, I love making papercraft, I love designing something, I love fashion (fashion is also part of art for me), I love everything about art. :)
4. rock or jazz music?
    depend of my mood. I prefer rock when I stressed, but I prefer jazz for my bedtime music.
5. what do you think about me? :p
    uhmm,,I don't know u much. But I think u're cute as you said in your post. hahaa.. We must meet up so I can see your cute face in fact. :p
6. if you can back to yesterday, what will you do?
    eat much food. Hahaa,, idk. But this is the first thing that appear in my head after read your question.
7. what are you doing on weekend?
    hang out with friends, blogging, wasting time with fun activity. 
8. do you have a boy/girlfriend? hihihi :p
    haha,, nope. Hbu hayyo??
9. what's your childhood name?
    my mom call me cunong.. :/
10. do you like rain? tell me why :)
      not really. Because sometime rain is scaring.
11. what do you think? I'm a student of JHS, SHS, or college?
      uhmm,, I think u're a college student. Isn't it?

finished. and it's time to make 11 question for my friends! hihi
1. Do you like singing? who's your favorite singer?
2. What's your favorite food? tell me why.
3. Is that important for you to have much follower and so many people come to your blog? tell me your opinion.
4. Facebook or twitter?
5. Love or friend?
6. Do you like korean pop? tell me your bias, if you answer yes.
7. How's your live nowadays?
8. What you want to be?
9. Who the most precious people in your life?
10. Tell me your favorite blog and blogger.
11. What do you think about me and my blog?

aaaaand here 11 blogger who are lucky :D
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2.  Vivid Virginia - White Honeyr
3. Cindy Tanuwijaya - @cindytanuwijaya
4.  Amelia Situmeang - Suicide avenue
5.  Veren Lee - a little princess
6. Rosalina - rosalina's
7. Herdiana Surachman - deluxshionist
8. Julian Tarnoto - Journal J
9. Yoanda Pragita - Quirky Litlle Things
10. Mitha Komala - Letters to Juliette
11. Karina Dinda R - Live, love, laugh

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  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!



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