Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Data Print Scholarship

On elementary school, the first thing my Dad taught me on computer is writing on Microsoft Word. It was so fun that time, I made my very own schedule and adorn it with so many color. That was the day I know printer. And I fell in love with this machine instantly. 

Eversince that time, I love to play with my printer. Print this, print that, until my printer is out of ink. As my dad is work overseas and rarely on home, he taught me to re-fill the catridge my self. And so that I know Dataprint from that day, until now.

And this year, Dataprint is giving away 700 scholarship for all student around Indonesia. When many company busy with their advertisement war, Dataprint prove their contribution on Indonesian education field.

So, if you guys interested on their scholarship program, you could directly go to their link Beasiswa Dataprint.

Wish the best luck for all the participant! ^.^


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