Sunday, December 19, 2010

Move is not that bad..

Damn! I hope this been holiday. I really need a fresh air to blow up my boredom. School is not over yet. But I've been in home since last monday. All the remedial was over and as I write in the last post that I'm just a bit dissappoint of my first semester exam. Not because I got a bad score. It's better if I call it "my bad luck" because everything that I learned not popped up on my question exam. blah.. hate it!!

well, this is my remedial list :
- Chemist : I got 65.. not that bad. but I have to redo my essay. so,, okay..
- RK-6 : blah.. honestly,, I'm just not that luck for this one. I can't draw the first and fourth number. padahal kalo digambar bebek aja mungkin gw ga remed kalllii..
okay,, it's look so easy that I just have two subject in my remedial list. but I have 2 more list. ulangan harian susulan IPA + PKW. but,, I done with that all. alhamdulillah.. :)

Feel so damn down last monday when I arrived at home and see my room was empty. Everything was empty. My mom move my stuff to another room in second floor. she don't remind me first!!!!!! That's why I get so mad on her. bahhh!!! that's why I escape from my house into my grandma's house. I sleep there because I think I don't have a room anymore.. I love my old room so much!!! <3 <3  so,, tomorrownya aku nyadar I'm just too childish. so,, I think more clearly and wisely. I think, move is not that bad. I tell to my self that move is a new oppurtunity for me to decorate a new room. so,, I start to pack everything. and I'm in my new room right now when I write this post. I'm happy enough that I have a new bed, bathroom, wastafle on my room, new cupboard, yeah,, new BED ROOM. now I can scream loud "Hey I got a new BED ROOM!!!! woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!". so sad because the water faucet didn't work. huhu.. I have to wait my dad coming next year to repair it. but I think it's okay because I'm gonna go holiday next week until maybe next year. hellyeass!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the holiday!!!!!!!! huahhhh!!! and I want to say goodbye for y'all for maybe next 2 weeks. cuz i'm gonna holiday in a ship and I think I can't get the internet connection there to access my blog. but I'll be back with a very long story about my holiday. hope that it will be FUN!!!

anyway,, I got a new necklace from my mom. maybe this is kind of her foregiveness because she move my room without remind me first. this is it. it's cute.. I like it!! :)

 I always like black and white combination.. they're just too elegant.


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