Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Desa Boneka second giveaway!! Yippie!! ^^

Good news at the end of this month guys!! I swear you gonna love all those animal character above, right? Nah! You can have one of it, after joining this giveaway. Okay, let me tell you the rule. 

1. Just tell which one is your favourite.
Mention 1 (one) character of my crochet creation, and give me the reason.
2. Suggest what character you want me to make.
You can mention aaaanyyything!..any kind of animals, any kind of fruits, etc.
3. You're all welcome to blurb this giveaway to any kind of social media tools.
Twitter, Fb, Blog, etc. :)

Put your answer on the comment area, plus your name & email address.

This giveaway ends on 20 of December 2011. They pick 3 winners with the best answers and the winner will get their own favorite crochet creation.

Interesting? Yeah, I know.. So, you also have to join it too guys! Hurry up, before it closed!! come to their blog and get your chance.

Good luck, and wish me luck too.. :)



  1. hey thx for visited my blog :)
    ofcourse dear, I'll follow yours, mind to follow back? :)

  2. aw cute !!
    gotta join it soon !

    anyway, blog aku jg lagi ada shoes giveaway nih, do check it out if you have some free time yah :)

    The Endless Wishlist
    Join The Endless Wishlist shoes giveaway !

  3. i want them all *really*

    but i have to pick one haha..
    emmmm PENGUIN!!

    this's my email candy_crunch3r@yahoo.com


  4. @grace : omg, I think there's miss understanding here..
    I'm not the owner of this giveaway dear.. :)

    you must check this link --> http://desa-boneka.blogspot.com/2011/11/desa-boneka-2nd-giveaway.html


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