Monday, November 07, 2011

I think I should memorize it all

Goodbye October and Oh, hello November!!
Well,, time goes by so fast, aren't you feel it too? I think it just short time since I going to college, but now I have my first mid-semester test this week. It was all just fine this far, but let's see until it end next week.

Talking about movie.. I just feels a bit regret about some fantastic movies that I've ever watch. I'm always be this kind of absent minded girl. It's a bit hard for me to remember even just for a name of someone that I just know, or when I went to reunion and guys are talking about our memories then they asking me whether if I still remember about it, and I just going like "Is it true?? I don't really remember about it. -_-"

Yeah, memorize something is kinda hard for me. As in some lessons that require me to memorize it, I prefer to understand it slowly then make my own opinion about that, rather than read it repeatedly to memorize about it. Uh, but that is not the point of what we talking about.

I want to talk about movie. I think it gonna be great and fun to make some review post about movie that I've ever watch. So, I don't have to hardly remembering about that all. Besides, that was a nice topic, isn't it? Like seriously, who doesn't love movie?

Well recently,, I love japanese and also korean movie especially for drama genre. I don't know how they make that great movie  such as Heavenly forest, Good bye days, Koizora, Millionaire first love, heaven postman and many more.

Like yesterday that I was kinda boring and all I have is internet so I decide to take a look on my favorite streaming site, what is seems to be good. And I found a new Japanese movie "Paradise Kiss". I watch it and it was pretty good. Then after that, I suddenly remember about Yoon Eun Hye's latest movie that I haven't watch yet. So, then I continue to feed my drama addiction  and watch My Black mini dress. Gonna review about those movie next time.. :) (wish me luck,guys!)

I don't wanna feeling regretful anymore so I think I should to review those one by one. But not for now.. I still have a mid semester test tomorrow, so I should go now. byef!! 


My recent favorite hair-style. What do you think about it? :o


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  2. Yeah, welcome lovely November.. Love all the photos, they are so lovely and amazing :)

    White Honeyr

  3. lovely pictures!
    and all the best for college!

  4. wow, goodluck then. Time flies, and now we r gettin closer to the December! ~

    anyway, I love ur blog. It is my 1st time seeing ur blog. do u mind to follow each other? :D

  5. Good photos, I like it, xoxo


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