Friday, April 27, 2012

Babbler before exam

Alert!This gonna be a quick and random post.

Let's babbling before I I have my exam tomorrow. The mid semester test will start in early Mei. But the practice exam will start tomorrow. Oh wait, it's already tomorrow btw. lol

I've been craving for this book, aaaah.. 

I saw many blogger post about this book in their instagram, so I get curious about this and end up with googling it. And yeah, now I'm obsessed. Well, I'm addicted of reading book this lately day. Especially for some English literature. I just finished my "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" and plan to start my "Aladdin and the magic lamp" soon after my exam finished. Though I just read it from e-book in my phone, but it still quite addicting btw. That's why now I'm searching for some interesting book to feed my "read passion". Maybe you have some recommended book for me? 

April is a busy-month. I feel guilty for the winner of my giveaway becoz I can't make the photobook right away after the winner announced. Huhu.. I still have bunch assignment left. Huhu..

My brother will get his birthday next 31 April, also my dad in next 7 Mei. Yeah, need an extra money to buy them present. I even have to cancel my aquapix order to buy them gift. Though it was in sale! OMG, I can't believe the price is just 55k from 125k. Huhu, this just for the sake of their birthday. I'd like to see their hearty-smile when they got my present. yeay!

Sorry for lack update this couple weeks. The moment when I have to blog my assignment so I catch a briefly time to update. Just wait until the exam is over. Ah, a little pray from you would help me a lot guys! ^^

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Bye bye! ^^



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