Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blog Photo Blog winner! yeay! :)

Gawd, I miss my blog like crazy. So sorry for long update. I had some trouble that make me unable to post. My laptop was troubled by virus and that it can't detect my modem. Lecture task is also the ringleader of my absent. Next week is the mid-semester test so you know, bunch assignment are waiting. Ergh!

But yeah, it's 21. The end of my giveaway project. Be able to or not, I still have to update. Okay, so yeah. Do you excited for the winner annoucement? 

Congratulation for :
*drum roll* 

Nila Kussriani from
You will get one Blog Photo Book from me. I'll contact you soon and we'll discuss about it further.

Click the image to enlarge

Thank you for all the participant. I hope I can make another giveaway later. So, keep in tune okay? ;)

I'm sorry for quick post. My assignment are waiting. So, chaoooox! bye bye! ^^


♥ I have a new instagram account now (thanks god, it's finally available for android!) follow me on @keelimut okay? ;)
♥ I get an award from my fellow blogger Cindy tanuwijaya from Perfectly Me. Gotta do it soon after my mid-semester test. Thanks a lot, Cindy! :*


  1. yay seneng banget bisa menaaang :D makasih keli *hug and kiss*
    aku tunggu emailnya yah :*

  2. Hello Kelimutu, I'm kind of shy but can't help myself asking to you, how to count the random entries like the second picture? *curious.

    And do you mind to follow each other?
    love your blog :)


    1. It's okay darl. I'll be pleased to answer whatever question from readers.

      I'm using rafflecopter dear. it's a web to create, run, and enter an online giveaway. it's really helpful for blogger especially when you want to plan a giveaway.

      follow each other? ofcourse. :)

  3. I still don't have instagram yet-_- When will it available for blackberry?

    Eka Theresia♥

  4. Thanks for your info dear :)
    Follow you.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Congrats for the winner (;
    You have a FANTASTIC *boommmm* BLOG!! ^^

    Mind to follow each other?

    Makasih ^0^ #ups, Thankyou ^^
    have a great day<3



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