Saturday, January 18, 2014

A love letter

Hello mom, my name is holiday. It's because we're miles apart and mostly meet just in my free time which is holiday.

I must say that you're the most independent woman I've ever known. You may not know it, but I adore you like, a lot. It's like you have nothing you afraid of except losing your family. You're such an amazing family-woman. I love you so.

You yelled a lot of times (I'm sure moms out there also did), but you always cook my favorite menus when I'm home (even without asking what I want to eat. You know it perfectly).

We know it exactly that we have a lot of difference. But as I grew older, I start to realized that my temper was a lot like yours. We just feel, sometime without saying. Tho I can say that I am more frank than you are (you can't deny).

And as you know, we have a terrible time back then when I was younger. I hate you sometime (I'm so sorry) and think that Dad love me more than you do. But now I even amazed, how could you resist having a super selfish daughter like me. I love you.

Aaaah, the point is I'm just trying to say..

Please do not mistaken. I'm not celebrating your getting-older day. I'm just a grateful daughter who celebrate the day when her mom was born. I'm so grateful I still have you here, and hope we can grow older together. Hmm sorry, no. I hope I'll never get older and be your forever-little-daughter.

Thanks for making me proud having a mom like you. I know I'm such a rebel but I really hope I have not failed you. Please, bear with me. I'll make you happy in my own way.

Just remember this, whatever I do, I will always love you from earth to the eternal world.

Your fortune


  1. nice one...bravo for all of the moms in the world...!!

  2. Happy birthday to your beloved Mom :)

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