Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Udinus Webmaker Party 2013 & Mozkopdar SMG

When I was a little kid, I used to play with mud or sand to build my own hand-made house. The moment when I turning my imagination into hand made house was really exciting. And now, as I grew older I feel that I found the same excitement when I design my own web (blog, web-page, whatsoever). I feel that web is a new home for me.

And when the first time I know the Webmaker project from Mozilla, I knew that this gonna be more exciting. More people will able to understand how to build the web, with the very easy tools they have. So here we are, the first Webmaker Party in my campus (even it was the first time in town) was held last month, Desember 14th 2013 with the help of some peers I have from Open Source Community in my campus (Doscom).

We called it as a party but it was actually  a six-hours workshop (haha, but I hope everyone had fun). It was attended by about 40 students. And I even met 2 Mozillians from Malang, Jawa Timur who sneaking out within their internship time in Semarang (Thanks for coming, Insan and Alfin! (:

Though there was some trouble with the internet connection, but everyone was still excited to join the sessions. We're playing spectogram and turn out so many of them want to make e-commerce (I sniff the entrepreneur spirit here, haha).

Everyone is so excited playing with Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, and Popcorn Maker. And finally, we ended it with Zoomarang winning as the best group-project of the event.

Zoomarang team.

Can't get enough of the party, we held a second Mozillians meetup (#MozKopDarSMG) on the next day. A Mozilla representative from Jakarta, Mbak Rara was explaining Firefox OS project and I myself, explain about Firefox Student Ambassador Program. We had a lot of fun talking about Firefox OS and trying the FirefoxOS phone.

Can't wait to manage more event in the future! ^^

Photo credit : @rara79

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