Sunday, October 24, 2010

Make a changes!!

Hello guys!! I’m on my mood to retell you about my last week. so,, I’m busy with school thing. But, I’m not regret about it. I’m enjoy my revolution character. Yeah, I’ve make a changes. I leave all my bad habit. I leave all the unimportant thing such as playing around and romance thing. Now, I live my life seriously. I mean it!! SERIOUSLY!!! Now it’s time to stuck on the book, paper, homework, task, and stuff. I’m to tired to being a bad student. I really want to be a winner now!! Blah..
I’m serious. Nowadays, no school without listen to the teacher. Yesss,, I really like my revolution. I wish, my life gonna be better and better and better.. yeah..
I have a big news guys. you remember about sofi on my last post?? Her dad was pass away on last Thursday. Pitty her.. so, all the d-ment class going to Pekalongan (her hometown). I hoping for the best to her dad. Amen!!

Huh!! Now I have to study harder. I’ve got the mid semester exam on next Monday. Wish me luck guys!!!
And ehm.. what else yah?? Ehm.. this is my playlist on a week. some is outa date, but I really like all of this:
  1. Lady gaga – telephone
  2. Lady gaga – bad romance
  3. Lady gaga – just dance
  4. Lady gaga – speechless
  5. Lady gaga – eh eh (nothing else I can say)
  6. Lady gaga – the fame
  7. Lady gaga – poker face
  8. Lady sovereign – love me or hate me
  9. Justin bieber – somebody to love
  10. Justin bieber – down to earth
  11. Justin bieber ft Jessica jarrel – overboard
  12. Paramore – decode
  13. Lee seung gi – smile boy
  14. Widi (vierra) – you
  15. Nikita willy – kutetap menanti
  16. Geisha – Izinkan aku mendua
  17. Rossa – memeluk bulan

    So,, is it full of Lady gaga track?? Yeah,, lagi suka lady gaga sih.. therefore, I make a special playlist for her called “cherry bum party!!”. lol.. :p
    And for the Nikita willy song. honestly, I don’t really like her, but her song is nice. Smile boy is a really cheerful song. And yeah,, down to earh.. I really like that song.. maybe that’s the song I like the most of all the song in my playlist. Yeho!! Although there’s a rumor that Justin bieber is 51 th years old. But,, haha.. it just make me laugh. It not making any sense to me. I mean,, who the hell someone who make a unimportant gossip like that?? Lol.. so stupid!! 

    Okay, enough. It’s time to say goodbye to you all. Keep following my blog, twitter. And don’t forget to leave comment or fill my cbox yah..

    -Rizki D Kelimutu-


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