Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Me is happy,happy,happy!

Well, guess what? School is super duper guh-reat!! i mean it! like what i said before in my latest post. my revolution is well success. i'm really happy for it. maybe i should jumping jumping and jumping out cuz i'm so happy!! yeah! but,this is called "self control" like when I'm happy, and i'm just "okay, i'm just happy" and still keep calm. i'm cool,huh? absolutely! haha. . lol..
so, while i'm so happy about my school but not at my heart. hmm,i'm so missing someone. ohmygod! but i'm just try to forget. something like an angel always remembering me that i have to focus on my orientation, my dream, my last destination. yeah,key to get success is focus. yeah, focus, focus, and focus..
ehm,maybe we should goodbye. i'm in school right now, and school's bell was ringing. so,
we meet again,later! yeyey. .
-rizki d kelimutu-


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