Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Luce-dale UP giveaway!!

Hey guys, good news!! GOOD NEWS!! 
Don't you know that Diana Rikasari is one of many Indonesian woman who inspire me a lot? Don't you know that I love her shoe line "UP" so much? Don't you know that I love UP pinky-bird icon so much? Doesn't it looks so cute?? I know,, so yeah..

This is totally a good news to know that there's giveaway from @claradevi that kindly give the UP shoes that we like the most. We just have to comment and tell her what our favorite pair of UP shoes and the reason why it should be your UP?  Is it pretty simple? 

So, I'm gonna tell you a short story. My favorite design of UP is Pandora sailor. I know, I'm a total pathetic because I was dreamed about that shoes from a long time ago and also I keep my money for it too. But I just start my college so I spend my money for something like module and for my ospek (it spend so much money. >,<).

Here is the very cute PANDORA Sailor!! \(^o^)/

And for the last 2 giveaway that I join that is from Julian Taronto and Michelle, where I didn't get it so I'm so happy now because there's another blogger make her giveaway and share one of my favorite shoe-line that I always dreamed about. 

Hoamm,, I'm not gonna talk too much now. It kinda late night and I've also got sleepy so maybe you can check it directly from the original site -- Here

Don't forget to join too, okay? Let's be my rival!! hahaa.. :p


  1. ahhh I should join this giveaway! <3 good luck for you:)

    Journal J

  2. @Zihny ester : yeah,, she's so adorable!! :)

    Julian Tanoto : It closed,, and I didn't win it.. :c

    Stevia : aw,, thank's.. :)

  3. @ka Indi : yeah,, these are too cute..
    but I didn't get the giveaway.. :c

    @Karina : Thx. But poor me,, I didn't get it. :c


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