Sunday, September 04, 2011

Today learning

Don't just look upward. 
In this present time, you got to change your mindset. You got to take a look around at people who try to work hard and put their trust to god. Look upward just always make you lulled by dream, dream how much it fun to be that kind of successful person. So, if you want to be successful person, take a look at people who work hard for their life, and follow their way. Be ashamed, if you just sleep when everyone is sweat. Try to work harder than you did yesterday. YOU JUST NOTHING!! so, try to build your self become SOMETHING. 

Well,, today I got a precious lesson from my friend's grand parents. They're totally great family. They have so much interesting life-story that amaze me soooo much. Thanks for making me awake from my dream,, you all are great!!  :)

Okay, let's change the topic. Now say 
for 2PM's 3'rd anniversary.. Hope you guys get more love from you fan, and be more success than now. 2PM go!! Fighting oppa~~

I made this photo for real2pm competition. That's great! I plan to join it right away when they announce the competition, but I lose my picture when I just edit it. Then I lose my spirit to continue that project. But yesterday, I force my self to finish it, so I just upload it today whereas the deadline is tomorrow. Aaaah,, but never mind. I still enthusiastic for this project. Woohoo!! ^^

Not so much to say, and maybe this is my last post for this week. My lecture is gonna start next 12 Sept, and I have to attend Dinus Inside (just like 'OSPEK') on next 8 Sept. So, I have to move back to Semarang which is that means that I'm gonna lack of internet connection because I don't have any modem yet. T.T 

But I try to keep posting eventhough it means that I have to use extra money for internet cafe's bill. :p And I have to responsible to my Korean blog which is it's Hazhuna's and I just the admin. Hazhuna is barely don't have any time to update it because she busy with her school. So, I think I have to back up her to keep our blog updated. So I will try to keep posting and also because I like doing it. :)

I found a great site. check it out! Well, I think its a website of one of laptop brand in Indonesia, then I try to take a look. And whoooah,, they have a great photos and video. It's very recommended especially for couple who wants to get married. Great work,, axioo! Keep your work! :)


  1. good luck with ospek, dear!
    and axioo is a great wedding photography agency. they are very popular among my circle of friends :)


  2. nice lesson from your grandparents friend :) good luck for the ospek too!

  3. I agree!! We have to do something today to make tomorrow a better place to be.
    That axioo website is so cutee. Thanks for sharing it :)
    No, I'm not an architect (yet) but I'd love to be one. I hope I can study architecture in college. Wish me luck :)

  4. Hey, thanks, good luck on your Ospek as well! (:

    That's a very good idea, dreaming but never forget to wake up and get our feet on! :D

  5. Is that 2PM? LOL I love Khunnie ;)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. Thank you for following, dear!
    Following back now :)


  7. Great!!
    yeah, I agree with u..
    Do something today for our life en makes tomorrow will be better than now. ^_^

  8. great that u found axioo, they're really great ! <3

    Journal J


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