Monday, September 19, 2011

Wanna try something new?

Hi.. Start from now, I think I'm gonna expand my blog topic. Yes, because I think I'm an IT people now, and uhm I want to participate in IT world more, so I think I'm gonna make some post about IT things. 

And I'm exactly know that my mind is always random, so I'm so sorry if I make an unusual post, but I would keep up my usual post. I just want to add something new. 

I'm not gonna make a dificult tutorial or some other dificult post, I just thought to make a simple review about some gadget, or make a personal opinion about some hot news about IT things. 

But maybe I'm not gonna use english for this project post because I know I'm not good enough on English language. And I think it easier to make it on Indonesian language. So, I'm so sorry for foreign reader maybe. But I keep to try so I can make it on English language next time. :)

So just be sure that you stay tune on my blog. Thank's bloggaz.. ^^
Chaooooooooox!! :)


  1. You study IT? That's awesome. My boyfie and my brother took IT too, and I think it was damn hard :p
    Btw, your English is nice, dear.. Just don't stop practicing :D

    feel free to check out and follow my blog.
    I do follow back too, btw ;)

  2. hai dear Love ur pict so much xx
    u've just start ur college?

  3. @Yoanda Pragita : yess,, you right. it kinda hard. :3
    aw, thank you but I think I suck on tenses..

    of course, check out yours now, follow me back, dear.. :)

    aw, thanks.. :)
    yes, exactly this year. what about you?


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