Sunday, August 10, 2014

Holiday update

Nothing much to say since this is just an obligatory update so I'm not leaving this week without any post. I'm having my college break here in my hometown peacefully. But since it's been almost a month, I'm getting bored here. You know, too much sweet things will bring you into diabetes. Haha.

I don't have anything to preach about in my wordpress blog, so I'm coming here to babbling. Hey, take a look at this guy!

His character in Flower boy next door was just soooo lovable. And I feel that he's kinda similar to my favorite cutie Min Hyuk. Anyone with me?

But when he's acting serious scene, he remind me of my favorite Jo In Sung. I'd like to see him on his next drama but too bad he was started his mandatory military service since April 2014. Hmm, I have to wait a couple years any longer to see him on screen.


  1. Hello ki
    I just started a new blog

    have a look!

  2. wow, it's been awhile since the last time i was here and you changed your layout already.
    looking nice and neat. and this guy is urmmmm...terlalu manis ! LOL

    have a great day there :)

    1. LOL. Indeed, that's why he get that 'flower boy' role.


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