Sunday, August 31, 2014


I'm no expert to talk about maturity. But since I hit an early stage of twentieth, I start to think a lot about the essence of being mature. Being old is a scary phrase for me. But being mature is a different topic. Getting old is a matter of number but mature is more into emotional state of a person.

I start to don't mind about something I used to consider as important thing for me. Such as, birthday maybe? I don't know, I start to loss my excitement of celebrating birthday. But I know it doesn't mean that I was mature enough when I no longer whine about birthday party to my parent or hoping for birthday present from my friends. But it is the essence that I'm talking about. You no longer want to troublesome other people around you because all you think is you wanna be independent.

You start to think about your preference career. You start chasing goals. Not only achievement goals but also property goals. You no longer easily offended by trivial thing because life itself has been complicated, right?

But top of it all, mature for me means you start to base your decisions on something different than what you do in the past. It indicates that we start to see the world in a different perspective because our mindset is growing. Of course we all hope it growing to the wiser way.


I write this article while listening to Coffitivity. Have yourself a try! It's a nice tool to boost your creativity. (:


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