Monday, May 17, 2010

Be Smart and you'll be win!!

Sometime I feeling confused about a lot of people. They’re broken their school just to look like a cool person. Just to follow the trend. Honestly, I think that’s so uncool. That’s stupid!! I mean “Hey,, being a stubborn and forget about school isn’t cool. You come to school to being smarter. And that’s very stupid if you waste your school just to show the others that you brave to break the rule”

You’ll loss. You’re waste your time, waste your money, waste your chance, and certainly you waste your life! I know I like an old grandmother when I say this word. But, you can’t deny it. That’s true, rite?

Okay, this is what I mean. School is so fun if we success on it. Absolutely F.U.N !! Really!! There’s a feeling like “I proud of my self” when we got success on our school. Okay, I ain’t forbid you to act stubborn or whatsoever. I just invite you to enjoy your school. You can act like whatever you want. Stubborn, immature, mature, nerd, look smart, brave, shy, good person, bad boy, or whatever.. you free to act like that. But you don’t have to forget about your school.

Honestly, I feels so sick to continue my school. I feel so boring to always listening my teacher when they teach me on class. I’m being sick to do their task, homework, or the exam. I feeling that too. But we have to do it. That’s why we have to school. Can we just pay attention to our school for a while? The effect would so big if we got success on it. Trust me!!

So, that’s what I think. I know my self control, I know all my responsibility, and I know what I’m supposed to do. So mom, dad, please.. trust me!! I’m not that stubborn and I will never disapponting you. I know the good thing or the bad thing. Let me develop my ability.. Let me enjoy my teen life.. Let me show you what I can do. Let me do anything what I wanna do, and I will never forget your word. I will keep that inside my heart. I love you both!! You don’t have to know about that. Just, I wanna make you proud of my self!

So guys, don’t you ever think like that? I certain that you must be ever think about that too. Am i right?



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