Sunday, May 16, 2010

you cut me into pieces..

hella bloggaz! honestly, i'm not in the mood to do some post. but i have nothing to do. so, now i've been thinking bout so many thing. my life, my family, my school.. that's a lot thing!

everyone that look at me always say that i'm a simple person. but, i just tell you here.. i got a really complicated mind. i thinking a lot of thing. it's like i have two self on my body.
it's too complicated to explain here. i can't explain it, even with a million word.
I'm a kind of person that don't really care about the other..
but when someone get in to my life, it's gonna take a much effect for me.

Ahhhh.. i'm talking too much about me,huh? i hate to talking about my self. really!
so.. what i wanna talk now? i don't have any topic and really have a complicated mind now.. sooooooo.. what now??? ahhhh,, it's better to just end this.. bye bloggazz! =] =] =]


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