Monday, May 24, 2010

I wish I can be “Spongebob”

Hey world !! hey bloggazz!!
You know? I think today was my worst day. I feels so unlucky.

I think, maybe I have my worst day every week. Jadi inget quote yang kemaren aku baca di blognya Mitchyy.
It’s like this :
“I hate looking at my self and realizing that I don’t like what I see. I hate looking back at things I did and wondering why I was like that. Everyday there’s something wrong. Just one trivial thing that can make me unhappy for just a moment. It’s like it’s not even possible to have a day without one bad feeling.”
I totally agree with that quotes. I feeling that too. Every day, every little bad thing, always make me loosing my mood. >.< !! I really hate that part of me! that’s my bad side. I’m a moody. And I don’t have the medicine for it yet. Remember if I have a bad side, I suddenly remember to “Spongebob”. He’s totally a cheerfull person. I like him!! So much!! O.o He’s good, freehanded, a lover, cute, but one thing I hate from him. He’s seems like a stupid person. Like a loser. Padahal,, baiknya... o.O 

I remember one of spongebob song. That’s entitled “It’s the best day ever”. But I don’t feeling it right now. So,, I wanna change the lyric into “It’s the worst day ever”. Ahh,, aku kalo ngomong muter-muter yahh.. feel suck! >.<
 Anyway, I’ve been thinking what the things that make me going so bad like this. But I can’t found it till now. Maybe I have a damnation. Like a damnation from a witch. (ahh,, tambah ngaco!)

In an unhappy condition like this, I just wanna have fun. Like, go karaoke, or to the game centre, go shopping (if I have a lot of money),or maybe traveling, or go watch the movie. But, in a time like this, I’m too busy to go anywhere. Buat post ini aja susah banget. Ga tau bisa langsung posting apa nggak. Biasanya kan, aku nulis dulu baru bisa posting kalo ke warnet. 

Latterly, I’m kinda busy of school task. I have to prepare for our final music show next Sunday. And then.. there’s many more.. and the the final semester exam will be held a couple weeks later. That’s super fast, I think. And I was made a wrong PSG report and have to make it again. (sebenernya nggak terlalu pusing juga. Cuman, kalo kebanyakan gitu bingung mau ngerjain yang mana dulu). 
I write this post in the middle of rehearsal for our final music show. Me and my friends is wanna play a drama plus traditional music show that called “Kentongan”. It’s a special traditional music from Banyumas regency. I’ll post our music show photo next time. That will be nice!! I hope we can success!! (amin!! O.o) 
My friends is soo busy to try their show costum. And me? Honestly, I think, my costum is soo bad. I just don’t like the model. It’s odd on me. And I don’t like it! Maybe I wanna modify it first, so that will be better. Cuz the size is too big for me. (padahal aku udah ambil ukuran yang paling kecil. But that’s still largeness on me. Bahhhh!!! 
Okay,, I think I should end this. I just have to continue our training. Don’t forget to follow me and keep up comment!! Ohya,, fill my cbox too!!!!!!!! Bye bye Beeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh!!!!!!


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