Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I got nothing to do..

Well,, i'm in fiber optic class now.. my teacher was go,, idk where she was. sooo.. we're free.. there's a task.. but.. my group was doing it..
soo,, i got nothing to do now.. well,, i'm not in the mood to have a chit chat with my any friends. so,, i just come here, open my blog and write something. i got no important thing to post,, but.. so what? i just wanna post.

okay,, what i wanna say now? you have an idea?
oh,,ya.. several day ago,,i going to pacific mall with my sistah.. i just buying a watch, and dvd. i buy korean drama. you ever heard about "full house"? that's a really famouse drama at arround 2006 maybe.. but,, i just watch it yesterday.. a little bit romantic but mostly funny. i laught everytime. And i think "princess hours" is more romantic than "full house". but,, both are owesome!! i mean it,,owesome!!
i think it would be great if i collect a drama dvd. yeah! so let's find the other owesome drama for watch.. helllyaahhh!!!
and.. the soundtrack.! i think that is soooo great! i mean,, it's connected with the story and sooo touchted! i like it so much!!
and ahhhh.. feeling confuse of the topic. don't you?
soo,, i got no topic now.. so let's just end this..



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