Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Journal J very first giveaway

Yeppie,, one of many reasons why I love bloging is because there's many giveaway from other blogaz.. Although I never get one of them, I always excited to join another giveaway. Besides, i haven't updated my blog for about 5 days. So, I think this is the best idea to get my topic.

Okay, so.. This time I want to announce you the very first giveaway from Julian Tanoto. Aw, that pretty girl is very nice to give her pretty bag for other blogger. Here is the picture :

Nice bag, right??
So, you can simply get it by :

1. Follow her blog via google / bloglovin'

2. Like MrsClothes Wardrobe on facebook ( as the bag is from MrsClothes )
Follow MrsClothes twitter @MrsClothes
(no problem if you don't have twitter/facebook account)

more chance to win if you :

1. Re-Blog her giveaway in your blog (or if you don't blog, you can write about this giveaway in twitter/facebook, don't forget to mention Journal J's blog link)

2. Fan her on lookbook

She  will choose 1 winner randomly, and giveaway will be closed at 11th September and it is open internationally.

I've already join it. And I also share it on my facebook. 

And also tweeted it on my twitter. 

So, if you interested to join it too, visit her blog for further information. Journal J 


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