Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Personality Test

I'm just blogwalking when I suddenly found a cool post about personality test from chabssss's blog. So, I think that's a cool post, moreover I don't really got a cool topic for my blog this lately day. So, I decide to repost it.

I got this post from chabssss's blog, but she saw it from rhara's blog, but unlucky, she can't copy it from rhara, so she copy it from another blog that is febri's.

So, this is the test. Check it out!!

1.If you can save one species of animal, what animal would you safe it first?
a. Rabbit
b. Sheep
c. Deer
d. Horse

2. You're in Africa, then you should bring home one animal for souvenir. What would it be?
a. Monkey
b. Lion
c. Snake
d. Giraffe
3. If you are doomed to be an animal, So what do you choose?
a. Dog
b. Cat
c. Horse
d. Snake

4. If you were a superhero and get to destroy one species, which species will be victims?
a. Lion
b. Snake
c. Crocodile
d. Shark
5. If someday you find animal who can speak, what animal do you expect?
a. Sheep 
b. Horse
c. Rabbit
d. Bird

6. If you're on a desert island and could only have 1 friend, who do you choose to be your friend?
a. A human too
b. Pig
c. Cow
d. Bird

7. If you able to tame wild animal (just like animal handler), what animal you want to keep?
a. Dinosaurs
b. White tiger
c. Polar bear
d. Leopard

8. If you could be an animal during 5 minutes, what you want to be?
a. Lion
b. Cat
c. Horse
d. Dove

My Answer :

1. Basically, you're interested to people who.. 

a. RABBIT - unpredictable person. (ex: looks really cool, but actually she's a super care person.)
b. SHEEP - obedient and friendly person
c. DEER - elegant and polite
d. HORSE - they are not unfettered and free

2. During approach time, what method can make you fall in love?

a. MONKEY - creative, and never get you bored.
b. LION - to the point, directly, without the convoluted babble
c. SNAKE - just like kites (suka tarik ulur-in Indonesian)
d. GIRAFFE - patient, but never give up

3. What impression you want to give to your potential partner?
a. DOG - faithful and trusted
b. CAT - stylish
c. HORSE - optimism person
d. SNAKE - flexible

4. What situation you hate to most, that can troubled on your relationship?

a. LION - your boyfriend's pride and his quasi-dictatorial
b. SNAKE - emotional, moody, until you have no idea how to make him happy 
c. CROCODILE - wicked (not physically), cold-hearted, and love to mock
d. SHARK - insecure

5.Relationships that you want to live with your potential partner?

a. SHEEP - communicate by heart (even you both don't talk each other)
b. HOSE - open with each other, free to express, no secrecy.
c. RABBIT - relationship that can make you feel comfort, and love each other
d. BIRD - long-term relationship

6. About adultery?

a. HUMAN - you care about the environment and morale
b. PIG - aw, you can't resist the temptation
c. COW - you try to not do it
d. BIRD - unstable. You're not the person who like to marry and make commitment.

7. Marriage for you is..

a. DINOSAURS - slightly pessimistic, you feels that there's no more happy-marriage.
b. WHITE TIGER - marriage for you is something precious and if you're married, you'll always keep it.
c. POLAR BEAR - you're afraid of marriage
d. LEOPARD - you want to married badly, but you doesn't exactly sure about it.

8. Now you think that love is?

a. LION - you always thirsty for love. (doesn't mean that you're easily fall in love, but always wanted to be loved)
b. CAT - you're a little bit selfish, you see love as something that is easily obtained and removed whenever you want.
c. HORSE - you don't want to be tamed by 'too serious' relationship. You also still want to searching for others.
d. DOVE - love for you is a commitment between two people. 


Note: If you want to copy it, mention the link that I mentioned above. Thank's bloggaz!! ^^


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