Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wonderful papercraft by sir Marshall Alexander..

One of things that I can't bear in this world is these cute stuffs ..

Yeah,, I getting freak into anything about paper craft. I don't care how much ink I waste to print these kinda stuffs, or how many kind of paper that I use to make them. The only thing that I think about is just "Aw,, I want them badly.." >,,<

Well idk exactly how much papercraft I have in my room . One of my favorite Papercraft maker is Sir Marshall Alexander. You can check them out on his official website here. Or also his tumblr. His design is so wonderful. Ummm,, I  mean,, it cute, cool, clean, and qualified. He mix it into something cool just like this..

His name is "Paperboy" papercraft. And this is my version :

 or this :
He's called by "Blocks Papercraft". And this is my version : 

Others from Marshall Alexander.. 

  My currently project : "Happy Holiday" Papercraft
Currently work for the human object. The wall object is still not finish yet. Can't wait till they're finish! ^^

Actually, there's still many sites that provides many kind of papercraft things just like that. There's,, boxpunx, canon papercraft, and many more. You should check them out and try to make these stuff too guys!! I swear, that's so fun making that kinda stuff. 

Okay,, that's it. Gonna go sleep now guys. Enjoy these papercraft yya.. Bye! Anyeong!! ^^ 


  1. @katie : yeah,, I know.. too cute, rite??

  2. man, those are wonderful, you're awesome doing all those!
    why don't you make yourself as the model of the papercraft? :D

  3. @devorelebeaumonstre : thanks!

    @Jochrist : lol.. thx for the idea. I'll write that on my next project. :p

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  5. Sorry I deleted my previous post... I hate mistypes haha :D (i'm too perfectionist and too obsessed with perfection =D)

    those papercrafts remind me of my deceased friend. She passed away last monday. She loved papercraft hahaa...

    Your other blog (about KPop)also remind me to my friend who is now leading Solo's Kpop fansclub. I think you both have tremendous similarities =))

  6. @rizqi : hhaha,, okay. I understand about that kind of person.

    omg, I'm so sorry to hear about your "passed away" friend.. I hope I can life longer than her.. ._.

    aw, thank you for visiting my korean blog. can you please give my greeting for her?? hehee..

    thank's for follow me back btw.. :)

  7. these are so cuteee :)


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