Wednesday, August 10, 2011

People say by thinking too much, you become a coward

Everyone wants to be a better person, right? Same as me. Moreover, I've already 17 and have to face the fact that life is never gonna be easy just like when you're 5 years old. Mature, kind of thing that we can't easily get just by the age that we're reach. Mature is something that we get from the journey of our life. 

Well,, I sometimes feel so useless. No matter what I've been done, sometimes appears in my head that I've done nothing. I have no special achievement on my life. Then I feel so desperate and start to blaming my self for what happened. Yeah,, this is me. Blaming my own self for anything wrong at around me, that's my special ability. To be honest, I hate it when I can't blow out my anger. I want it, badly. But I'm not even sure if I can blow it out. It always feels awkward when I try to blow out my anger. 

I sometimes feels that I waste all my precious ability. I mean,, I learn many things, and love to doing my activity but it always be flat. I want to be someone who can handle their talent into the right direction and make my parents proud of myself. I wanna hear people applauding for what I've been done. I mean, I wanna be "special". 
People say by thinking too much, you become a coward. 

You're scared to face your fear.. So hesitant to step forward. I don't wanna be that kind of person. So I promise myself to start to say I will,, rather than I wish.

Well,, I got much interesting article from Marc and Angel. You should to check them out too.

okay,, that's it. 

Bye!! Anyeong!! ^^


  1. kadang-kadang juga ngerasa kaya gitu,
    but, I believe that "someday we will be good enough, right?" :D

  2. Yeah,, I believe it too..
    But sometimes, I just wondering when it gonna be come true.

  3. yeah ~ me too , sometimes i feel useless too .
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw :)
    wanna follow each other ?

  4. @ade : yeap,, that's human common feelings..
    okay dear,, I've already following you..
    salam kenal yya.. ^^

  5. thanks for following me dear :) i've just follow you back ♥
    salam kenal juga ya :) and btw papa aku asli tegal hehehe

  6. @ade : thankiest dear.. :)
    wah,, really?? sering ke tegal dong berarti..


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