Saturday, July 17, 2010

Interest on something that we’ll never can reach just like a chicken hoping on Pizza!!

Hey blogger!! Come back again on a topic. Wanna talk about fashion!! Yeah!! Fashion!!
I hate to tell u here. But, I swear! I getting interesting with fashion. So much interested! I don’t know why. But when I see fashion blog, when I look at fashionista look, I scream on my heart. “That’s pretty cool!!”.
I swear you know about this feeling. When you look at the new fashion look, and you just go scream, jump out, or everything (Ah,, this is too overact). But I didn’t lie when I write that I like fashion so much.
But you know? Live in a place that have an opinion that fashion is an unimportant thing, it just make me clogged up. Pathetic, huh? But, never mind. Just to see the fashion blog, and dream about everything about fashion, that’s enough for me to feeling happy.
Hey, check this out. I heart this look!
I like her pose. And her pants! That’s pretty cute and simple. She look so simple, but still cool. I heart this so much! <3 
This photo. I like her skirt. It’s simple and neat. Her hair is so perfect to have a band like that. Ah,, that’s so cute! 
This women. Her pose is pretty cool. Her pant and her shoe, I want it so much!!
You know about Yoon Eun Hye? She’s a Korean actress and model. I like her style so much. Her face is pretty cute and she have an innocent eyes. You may like her too.
This photo is took on April, 2009 when she become a “Best jewelry lady”.
Her body is just look so perfect. Her lips is pretty cute too. I just dream to have a body like her. But, hey wake up!! she's just one of my fashion inspiration.
I love my fashion style. But I really wanna to dressed up like they. Oh my! Really like it so much! I can’t bear my self to get any stuff like that. But, what can I say? I don’t wanna fight with my mom.
As long as I still have a chance to look on a pretty cool look, at the pretty cute style, I had enough. But I still wish for my own fashion look style.
Okay, let’s just moving on.
Anyway, I’m in holiday people! Yeah, HOLIDAY. But, honesty, it’s kinda lazy to have my holiday just to stay on my home. It’s kinda boring. Totally boring!! It’s better to school I think.
Hey, I’m  not  told you about my disaster last month, huh? You know, I just loss my money on mall parking basement. Phatetic, huh? My little sister going to cry like a baby when she lost her money that saved on my purse. But, what we can do? I just told her that this is my fault and mom will never get angry with her but me. But she still crying. Finally I got her back to home.
As I though. My mom got angry with me. In fact, she told me that I’m a ostentatious. I cry a lot everytime I remember when my mom said like that to me.
But, just skip that fuckin topic. I hate to talk about it.
Ergh, I don’t have other topic now. So, maybe I just want to say good bye to you now. Hope you can comment me, or fill my cbox. Following me on blogger or twitter, I wanna be happy to get friends with you. Okay? See you next post. I’ll try to make a fresh topic.
Bye byeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!


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