Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's just like a robot!

Well, write this at juny 19th. sorry for post it just now. first day back to school. after a long long time not touch book and stuff. now i should to do it more again. i'm in twelve grade guys! it's gonna be national examination that alway freaking out for many people. it's freak me out too, although just a little bit. i just don't wanna care too much. :p
okay,so.. i think, school is fine anyway. i met everybody that i'm not seeing at about 3 till 4 weeks. so, i'm happy enough. and my new class is blah blah blah. it's like a SMEA. you know, like a special school for a girl cuz it almost all girl in my class. guy is only about 15 people. but, it's fine.. just don't mind it.
still about school. NEW RULE!! my school is applied a new rule. MOVING CLASS. it's gonna be suck a lot! suck, tiring, confusing ahh bad lahh. .
udah dulu lah ya. blank of topic. i'm gonna take a bath as soon as possible. just being busy to make a logo design for my school event (stematel go it). i just representing my class to follow this event. it's like, i'm screaming on my mind (wah,gimana nih? gue nggak pernah pake corel. mana bisa gue bikin logo jurusan!!). but, alhamdulilah.. it's done! padahal gue bkin juga asal2an gitu. cuma gue bkin gambar hp gitu kan dibkin kayak orang2an sawah gitu lah.. padahal lbh cocok jd maskot daripada logo. ahh,wtv. udah bisa bkin juga syukur kan. eh tapi hasilnya lucu loh.. bener deh. nanti kalo post lagi lewat kompi pasti aku kasih gambarnya deh..
eh,malah curhat lagi. udah deh yy. .
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