Saturday, July 17, 2010

What the hell you doin with your poor holiday?

Heyya everybody. You know? My mind is full of though about my incredible boring holiday. Don’t tell me why. Cuz it gonna make you laught at all. But, never mind. I adapt with this f*cking bad situation. And even if I have my incredible boring holiday, I just try to doin something I wanna do. Except go vacation to the beach, go swim on a waterboom, or have a fun shopping with my friend.

Hhhh.. this is so fuckin suck! My holiday is mostly about computer, laptop, handphone, play station, camera, and bitching. It just so fuckin suck! I want a holiday like everyone!! Not this!

Taking picture, photoshop-ing, photocape-ing, gaming, watching TV, go online, texting ahh.. I getting sick of this. Wanna know something? In fact, I’ve try to write something like novel. This is just because I don’t have something to do. So,, it not finish yet. But I’ll try my best for it!
Oh ya, are you a soccer fanatic? If yes, you should be my tutor!! Becuz, I getting interest with this sport. Before this, I really not interesting with a soccer world. But everytime I watch the TV, it’s all about fifa world cup. And my brother is always play the soccer game on his play station. So, I try to play it a little bit. And ah!! I getting freak now! I addicted for it!! You know? I scream super duper loud when I get my first GOAL!!! Yeah I got the GOAL!!!!!!!!!! I play it until the midnight. I can’t believe that I getting interest with it!
Need something that can booster my mood to enjoy my holiday. L
So,, now I’m freakin sleepy. (ah ya, I write this post before I sleep 1 july 2010. Sorry, I post it just now) Better go to bed and say goodbye to you all!
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. (3


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